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  • Porte-monnaie Salomé
    Sewing kit with ribbon for this nice and original purse. In tne kit you will find the explanations, the fusible, the tutorial and the ribbons. You have to get a little piece of fabric and the plastic button (if you have the tool to place it) or a metallic snap to sew.
    It is a very nice gift to offer or to keep for you. The bet way to do it is to use invisible thread. But you can also do it with different colours threads.
  • So Soft
    Very nice and soft pouch with ribbons. Fabrics, ribbons, zipper, foam and tutorial, everything is in the sewing kit. A special way to install the large zipper very easily, technique to discover and appreciate. The fabrics are from a French Designer, Odile Bailloeul. This ribbons sewing kit is really pleasant to do. It can be a very appreciated gift.  Many others versions to choose on the website.
  • Chevrons
    A very nice pouch to do. Technique to paractise for placing and sewing the ribbons. Ribbons from famous designers will give a special touch to your project. The best way is to use invisible thread.
  • for baby
    Everything is in the kit. This "doudou" is a really nice gift for the babies. The fabrics are nicely designed, the back is really soft ad is specially for babies. All the little ribbons tags offer the opportunity to develop the different senses of the baby. Easy to sew following the tutorial.
  • Kit Round Clutch
    Kit Round Clutch
  • Kit for ribbon key fobs
    Kit for ribbon key fobs
  • Sac Nice
  • Pochette Augustine
  • L'Embellie
  • La Charmante
  • Baluchon enrubanné
  • Sewing Kit Quilt...
    Sewing Kit Quilt padded pouch
  • Colombine aux deux rubans
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Showing 25 - 48 of 71 items
Showing 25 - 48 of 71 items